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NC Aluminum is a certified industrial powder coat manufacturers supplying a vast range of products to the customers all over the world. NC Aluminum has been providing its own powder coated finished on an extensive range of aluminum products to the customers for a long time. Our powder coated aluminum is providing to be efficient, durable, face and weather resistant towards the finishes.

In regards to being one of the leading powder coated aluminum manufacturers and suppliers, we are also known for various development and training programs that surpasses all other aspects of the coating. With our state-of-the-art powder coating facility, we are keen for maintaining and preserving various levels of chemicals in the pretreatment, to the temperatures in the oven, and to the final coating thickness and testing its adhesion levels.

For us as an organization, color brings happiness into our lives and everything we dominate, and live for; color brings a spark of joy to our eyes. At NC Aluminum, we are driven by the same level of emotion and during the process of manufacturing of the most top-quality aluminum profiles, we make sure that the colors become as attractive and vibrant as they could be.

Some considerable benefits of the powder coated aluminum include the much-improved life of the aluminum profits, with a vast range of options whenever we talk about selecting different colors and better protection against harmful UV radiations.

Our experienced and dedicated customers service representatives are ready to facilitate you in the best possible manner. If you have any concerns regarding powder coating, write to us, and we will assist you in the best possible manner.

At NC Aluminum, we also manufacture and supply powder coated aluminum for our prestigious customers and clients throughout the world.

Whether you are looking to safeguard a metal-based roof, the front sign of the store, or simply a component’s enclosure, creating an extra layer of protection in the form of powder coating or anodizing will surely extend the life of your aluminum for years to come.

To topple this, there are some quite a lot of differences between the conventional methods while the others are perfectly suited to some particular applications in comparison to the others. Having said that, powder coated aluminum surely helps your aluminum in the future with its extended life and durability.

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    DESCRIPTION New Construction Aluminium Co., LTD (NCA) is an industry specialist in powder coating services for large parts in volumes from single prototype pieces to large scale production runs. Our modern facility can uniquely handle parts measuring up to 6.5 meters long. Utilizing an electrostatic application process, we apply various types of powder coatings, epoxy, polyester, and urethanes, to parts fabricated from many types of metal, including steels, aluminum, iron, and zinc, to deliver a finish that is resistant to rust, scratch, peeling, and cracking. Finishes are available in many stock and custom colors with a variety of textures and range of gloss levels.